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Creating technology to serve the markets of tomorrow: a private social network with embedded digital content marketplace.

Social Networks
Client Name
24 months
Technology Stack
Golang, Node.js, PostgreSQL, DGraph, React.js, React.native, AWS
Released products
Social Network SaaS,
Mobile Apps: iOS, Android,
Web App
Key Metric
Commerce-Ready to serve content creators
Business Challenge
As the population of digital influencers shows steady and rapid growth throughout the past decade, many future-seeing businesses re-orient their operations to create virtual rooms, offices, stages and marketplaces for the Generation of Content Creators. One of Qualtie's customers - a very modern and stylish company from South Florida - has come up with the idea of building the complete virtual business space for Content Creators
How we helped
Qualtie came fully prepared for the challenge. Within the extremely tight timeframe the team has developed and launched a fully-featured Social Network as A Service (SNaaS) platform named "DigiSelfie" - www.digiselfie.com, that provides a full range of back-office capabilities for the social network apps of any kind: multi-tenancy, user accounts, multiple user profiles, alerts and notifications, friends, chats, timelines, daily stories, activity streams, and even the private identity provider for passwordless user authentication via the tenant's social network. Once the concept was fully proven, Qualtie has implemented the sophisticated social networking app, Quackle (www.quackle.com) that has all social network features: chats, timelines, daily stories, making / inviting friends, as well as the digital content marketplace that allows selling the chat channels, timeline posts, user stories, as well as chat messages.
private social

Timeline, Stories, Chats, Friends: invitation-only
content mart

Price-lock timeline posts, chat channels, stories, messages and sell them to contacts

User can set up multiple profiles and switch between them

Back-end platform is designed for multiple tenants
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