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Bringing value through staff augmentation with rapid scaling on a cutting-edge technology.

through partnership with SilverTree Systems
2.5 years
Technology Stack
Node.js, MongoDB, GoodData, AWS
Released products
Multi-tenant SaaS "Renew on Demand" Platform
Key Metric
8x team growth in 2 years
Business Challenge
Client needed the development team experienced in cutting edge technologies to help support their tremendously fast growing startup, the "Renew OnDemand" - Expiring Contract Renewal Opportunity Management platform.
How we helped
Having very few team members experienced in the required technology from the beginning, we developed and implemented the rapid training delivery strategy that helped us grow from 3 to 12 people in the first year of the relationship with the client; to 24 total for the second year of the relationship.

At the same time we were able to keep very high quality of service through establishing special knowledge and experience sharing strategies inside our development team. This helped ensure the delivery and customer success. With our involvement and our availability, they were able to sign contract with Dell as the first tenant on the platform. We also helped them with the continuous production support and immediate production issue resolution through implementing the special team availability strategy by supplying resources on a small time shift, so the majority of them were always at a service for the client.
8x growth

of the development team over the course of 2 years
full availability

the team was available almost round the clock
high quality

through special training and knowledge sharing techniques
100% success

in rapid team scaling per client's request
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