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Machine learning studio to create and manage sophisticated data science workflows.

through partnership with SilverTree Systems
through partnership with SilverTree Systems
Data Science
1.5 years
Technology Stack
Angular, Node.js, Scala, Spark, Docker
Released products
Data Science Workflow Designer and Execution Engine, APIs, VM Infrastructure
Key Metric
100% manageability of data science workflows
Business Challenge
As machine learning and artificial intelligence gain more recognition across all industries, the marked demands the existence of powerful online laboratories for AI-based data extraction, categorization and deep analysis to determine the behavioral patterns, recognize anomalies, and make study-based forecasts. Ubix was challenged to create the SaaS ML/AI platform that would make building, executing and managing the data science workflows available to data scientists of any level of technical expertise.
How we helped
Challenged with the requirement to provide an easy and understandable environment for executing the complex scientific tasks, Qualtie has implemented the sophisticated machine learning studio consisting of the visual data science workflow designer, workflow execution engine for the data scientists, and a set of reporting tools making the results accessible for the business users.

100% visibility

on the design and execution of data science workflows
9,000 hours

of development work

the platform is ready to serve the increased demand in ML/AI of the nearest future

data science workflow execution infrastructure
All-in-one Data Science tool
Cloud-based, open-source data science platform that helps users of all skill levels develop and deploy big, fast data architecture and AI pipelines faster and better than ever
Voyager Integration
Data exploration tool that blends manual and automated chart specificationProvide you accurate and live campaign. Scale your infrastructure with our simple service. Perfect for customer support or showing interactive prototypes.
Data Visualization
Visually analyze data without writing code. Make Spark-based analytic data available to all business users with familiar tools such as Tableau and Qlik.
I had the opportunity to work with Oleg and team at a time when we needed to create a new product for UBIX. This product is a critical part of our growth strategy.

We relied on the team for all aspects of the innovation process. As needed, they provided different skill sets, from design to architecture work and everything in between. The team was extremely skilled and enthusiastic about taking on any challenge.

What I appreciate most is the willingness of Oleg and others on the team to ask tough questions and come up with their own ideas. In a startup, we need every member of the team to contribute beyond a strict role. Oleg and team challenged us - helping us make better product decisions - and then executed during a difficult time to deliver a great product for the market.
Peter Caron
Chief Product Officer, Ubix.AI
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