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Supporting a high-profile client with product development and delivery through the innovative staff augmentation strategy.

through partnership with SilverTree Systems
Information Technology
Adobe Systems
9 years
Technology Stack
Java EE, Spring, Sling / OSGI, Felix, JCR / CRX, RabbitMQ, Solr, Adobe Granite / SCF
Released products
Social Components for Adobe Experience Manager
Key Metric
9 years of successful business relationship
Business Challenge
Adobe Systems was in need of talents to empower the development team within "Social Communities" department of Adobe Experience Manager product. They set the very high standards for the IT vendor that they could choose for the work, and made it clear that they need a very reliable and experienced technology partner.
How we helped
We followed the staff augmentation model to supply Adobe's team with necessary development resources. Despite of many other challenges, we had one more because of using the outsourced development team - the big time difference (10 hours).

Specifically for Adobe, our delivery manager implemented the efficient customer success management strategy through supplying resources on a small time shift, so a significant part of our team was available for Adobe almost all around the clock. Through that we were able to successfully satisfy the client's demand and deliver the high quality solutions to them. Because of our flexibility and constant commitment on success, our business relationship with Adobe lasted for 9 consequent years, and we are proud that such famous product as AEM contains our footprint in its source code.

7 components

developed over time
100's of tasks

completed through the course of development
up to 10 people

the average team size serving the client
US $5.0 MM

in revenue generated over the years of the relationship
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