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Semi-automated and 100% native-Salesforce scheduling of rock music lessons.

School of Rock
through partnership with SilverTree Systems
School of Rock
8 months
Technology Stack
Salesforce Platform, VisualForce, APEX
Released products
Semi-automated music lesson scheduling app
Key Metric
100% of lessons scheduled
Business Challenge
With Salesforce as a platform of choice because of its superb CRM capabilities, School of Rock, however, did not get at a time an out-of-the-box calendar that would allow them to schedule lessons across multiple school locations all over the country. To avoid moving out of the platform, the company needed a sophisticated software solution for the management of school locations, teacher lists, as well as interactive and collaborative music lesson scheduling and status reporting.
How we helped
Qualtie built and implemented a fully featured 100% native Salesforce calendar that allowed lesson scheduling, teacher-to-lesson assignment, as well as sending invitations to students and attaching their information to the lesson records. Then we installed the calendar into SoR's Salesforce organization and wired it with the school location and teacher database. That allowed partial automation of the process through making teachers available for scheduling based on location and building the location-based lists of student records. The solution was a great fit for School of Rock and they were able to successfully orchestrate lesson scheduling in their schools while using Salesforce as their base platform.

of lessons scheduled
20% increase

in lesson attendance because of automated reminders

teachers and students by school location
100% visibility

on school lesson schedules
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