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A story of golf play scheduling automation that caused company's 3x growth in the first 2 years.

through partnership with SilverTree Systems
8 months
Technology Stack
Salesforce Platform, VisualForce, APEX
Released products
Salesforce-based golf play scheduling app
Key Metric
3x company growth in 2 years
Business Challenge
Ball-In-Air, a Chicago-based company, was established around the idea of automating golf plays, golf tournament scheduling and scoring. The company chose Salesforce platform as a base for their automation solution, and needed a proficient technology partner to build the core pieces of their online service.
How we helped
Qualtie has implemented the 100% native-Salesforce interactive calendar for golf play scheduling, designed and implemented the database of golf courts with their locations, plays, tournaments, as well as the golf players for the client. We also implemented the interactive scoreboards to track all plays and keep tournament scoring up to date during the play time. The system successfully served the client's demand, and helped the company grow in size 3 times during the first 2 years of service.
3x growth

of the company in the first 2 years

golf play scheduling and notifications
50+ golf courts

served by the app

to enter and track scores on golf plays in the real time
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